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Here, on occasion of the colors, the landscapes, the materials and the light of Greece, we design and create for you works of art - decorative, usables, jewelry of clay, porcelain, paper, wood, metal.

Padalu Artmakers, Shop & Workshops

Our creations are authentic, handmade and lasercut art objects of quality, focusing on detail.

About us
Padalu is a new brand but not a new business.
Padalu is a new brand but not a new business. It is the evolution of the sole proprietorships “περί γης” of Tina Pantazelou and “σημείο Χ.” of Giorgia Pantazelou.
Padalu is also a hub of art courses and workshops for creative people of all age-ranges.
Here, everyone finds the space for self-expression through art.
We provide the equipment, the know-how, the 20-year experience, but most of all our good vibes, and we create.
Ceramics courses and art seminars take place at Padalu’s studio, in Aghios Dimitrios.
Custom Creations
Padalu’s creations can be customized on demand.
We also love to design and create special items exclusively -corporate gifts, presents for special occasions, invitations, decor-elements, small souvenirs or big gifts for events.

Feel free to contact us your needs and ideas at

Our Big Kiln,

of 720liter space,

costing 240,00 Euro/use

and 0.40 Euro/liter.

If you are a ceramics maker, amateur or professional!
or in search of a kiln, we can fire your creations. We have 2 kilns available for you!
Our little one, of 85liter space, costing 35,00 Euro/use and 0.50 Euro/liter
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