Padalu is a new brand but not a new business.

It is the evolution of the sole proprietorships ``περί γης`` of Tina Pantazelou and ``σημείο Χ.`` of Giorgia Pantazelou.

For years, their clientele includes important museums, art galleries, art shops, bookstores, and multipurpose spaces throughout Greece. Also, their studio numbers more than 250 students and participants in workshops over the years.

Giorgia is an architect. She loves abstraction, geometry, color, intense lines, three-dimensional illusions. She designs and makes handmade and laser cut items of paper, wood and metal.


Tina is a ceramist. She creates intense sculptural forms using porcelain and various stoneware and earthenware clays. She experiments with shapes and volumes, light and shadow. Her artworks are characterized of motion and vividness.